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Setting Professional Goals…and Keeping them!

Every year, 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, and by February, 80% of those solemn oaths have faded into the abyss. Personally, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. An arbitrary day of the year doesn’t bring me closer to my goals in and of itself, so why tether myself to an artificial start and… Continue reading Setting Professional Goals…and Keeping them!

Education · Empowerment

From Engagement to Empowerment

In my experience as a teacher and a coach, I have generally found students to be compliant. Give them a task, and in most cases, they will acquiesce. I would say the same about the educational professionals – teachers, counselors, and administrators alike. But compliance alone does not lead to active learning nor sustainable growth.┬áIf… Continue reading From Engagement to Empowerment

Education · Professional Development

Going Beyond the Stitch Fix Approach to Professional Development

Too often, we – teachers, counselors, support staff, administrators alike – look to those higher up the food chain to supply us with what will be the most suitable sustenance for our craft. This generally provides us with nothing more than maintenance in our day to day practice, limiting our personal growth. Professional Development should… Continue reading Going Beyond the Stitch Fix Approach to Professional Development