About Me

I have had the honor of working with thousands of fantastic students either in the classroom, on the athletic fields and practice rooms, or within the walls of my office. Additionally, having served at three high schools, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best educators and professionals who dedicate their careers to bettering the lives of young people. The positive relationships that are forged among students, educators, administrators, and staff members of any building, no matter the level and regardless of backgrounds, are the fabric that perpetuates student growth and achievement. My goal every day is to continue to invest in these relationships with students and staff, and to challenge those that I work with to reflect and grow.

I started teaching at Upper Moreland High School as a Social Studies and Math teacher, while coaching wrestling and baseball. I enjoyed every minute in the classroom, in the wrestling room and on the baseball field, working with some of the finest students of various backgrounds. When I became the department leader for the Social Studies department I was asked to lead PLC’s and facilitate various professional development committees. Through this process I began to look at education through a different lens, and through my own personal discovery I realized that building leadership could impact students positively as well. I then became an administrator at Downingtown West High School in Chester County, which I often say was the best opportunity a first year administrator could experience. I worked for a principal who loved students, enjoyed working with staff and community members, and always sought to develop positive relationships with everyone. Undoubtedly, he was a great influence on me and he was a great mentor that I deeply admire and respect.

Because of proximity and professional opportunity, I then became an assistant principal at North Penn High School, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, where I currently serve the exceptional staff and the class of 2019. It is here that I have been challenged beyond belief, and here where I have been able to greatly develop my skill set as an administrator. I, again, have been able to work under a building principal who believes in serving students and staff, empowering others in order to build capacity, and most importantly, to cultivating positive relationships to enrich the culture of the building and community.